Our Name. Our Logo. Goats

Gringos and Botanas: Our Name.

We were hanging out one night talking about thoughts on names, and in the process, we thought about the fact that Lupe’s nickname is “Botanas,” and we ALL thought, “That must be part of our name.” I mean, “Snacks?” How perfect. But how did we tie in the United States flair? What better way they Gringos?

Essentially, we are App-Uh-Latch-Ians and Snacks.  Perfect.

Of course, we love food, so we are a lot more than just snacks, folks.

Gringos and Botanas: Logo

A Goat.

We didn’t think of it right off.

A fun fact about the owners of G&B’s

We are a weird mix of former Marine meets Hipster, West Virginia gal blended into a couple who ended up as dairy goat homesteaders in Wayne county who became great pals with a charismatic restaurateur from Guanajuato (who grew up, can you believe it, on a dairy farm in Mexico, too) and here were we brainstorming.

So, meet Candy.

She is over 8 years old, the farm favorite and the mascot of Lucas Farm, the farm where Lupe’s friends, live.

Heck, Lupe grew up on a family dairy farm in Mexico.

Nothing could be more apt.

So when you see this terribly awesome logo, think of Local farms, Mexico’s celebration where we remember those we’ve lost and the ever amazing goats of Lucas Farm (and Candy!)