About the Quirky Owner and the Inspiring folks behind Gringos and Botanas: A Quirky Mexican Joint

The Owner:

“Lupe” Jose Valencia has been a successful restaurateur for well over a decade. Hard work should be his middle name, honestly. Lupe has a passion for good food, treating his customers like family and working towards innovation in his restaurants while keeping in mind the dishes his mother made when he was a boy in Guanajuato, Mexico. In addition to Gringos and Botanas, he operates West Tenampas, South Tenampas and East Tenampas in the Tri-state area of West Virginia.

A few buddies who helped come up with the concept and were partners in the beginning: 

John D. Creamer and Tinia Lucas Creamer (a life long App-uh-latch-ian.) Tinia is also the inspiration for our terribly awesome GOAT logo.

One thought on “About

  1. “Making plans to visit soon”!!! (maybe, “next “Taco Tuesday”)….(or the next)….(then I’m sure on another)!!! (“Then possibly days that are other than”)!!! “All days for good food, exceptional atmosphere, and I personally know of a warm friendly welcome of acquaintance”!!!
    “Here’s to the future continuing success’s”!!!


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